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Agile Manufacturing Cell

What is AMC?

Flexible Batch Manufacturing

In the past, the benefits of flexible manufacturing were challenging to realize on machines, such as turning machines, that didn’t use pallets. This was because:

  • Control software features were under-developed
  • Automatic set-up changing technologies were not widely available
  • Set-up changes, including robot cell re-programming, took too much time

Fastems Agile Manufacturing Cell (AMC) is a robot-based manufacturing cell that brings the traditional benefits of flexible manufacturing for direct machine tending. In practice it consists of:

  • Fastems control software MMS
  • Machine tool(s) and other processes such as measuring or marking
  • Automatic set-up change technology for machine tools and robot
  • Suitable material storage solution for needed unmanned time with limited investment on fixtures

Why AMC?

Automation for flexible batch sizes


Easy introduction of new workpieces

Transparency through automatic production scheduling

Ergonomic and intuitive user interface to world


Manufacturing Management Software

AMC comes with the industry’s finest production planning and execution software, MMS. It is capable of scheduling flexible batch production. This is based on combining handling orders and resources (tools, nc-programs, set-ups, materials) with the hardware control – all in one software.

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Need Support?

Services for AMC

  • 8760 support
  • Service agreements
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Upgrades
  • Relocation
  • Training & Consultation
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